Translation Services


We have summarized the most frequently asked questions of our customers. Please click each item to see our reply.

About Our Translation Service

Can You Finish in Express Time?

We sometimes can offer an express service, or can deliver a service on the same day. We charge an additional fee depending on how urgent it is. Please contact us for further inquiry. (We may not be able to offer the express service depending on your needs or the availability of our staff.)

Can You Translate Into Many Languages?

Yes, we can. We not only offer translation into Japanese, but also offer into Chinese and Korean from English and other European languages (such as from English to Korean). Basically a native speaker is in part of the process of translation or proofreading.

Brainwoods offers translation services in the following languages: Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. Please contact us about other languages.

Who Translates?

Our translators are native/bilingual translators who are professional in each field. If you want to know the works of the translators, please contact our sales staff.

What Kind of Files Do You Support?

We support many file types such as

  • text
  • MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • HTML
  • PDF
  • Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop etc.

Do you support DTP?

For MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint and HTML, basically we overwrite the original file, and adjust the layout as well. For PDF, Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop, please send us sample data for the layout.

Can You Bind?

Yes, we offer you the whole service along with translation. We do not bind by ourselves, but we can offer the service with help from a partnering company, to save you the trouble.

How Do You Count the Letters/Words?

When the documents to be translated are digital files, we charge you by the number of letters/words in the original. You will know the price before the order since we fix the price when we plan and estimate the cost. We count letters/words by using MS Word's "word count" feature.

About the Price

On What Standard Do You Decide the Price? Why Might it Differ?

Brainwoods decides the price depending on various conditions such as language (original/translation), fields, due date, level of specialization, purpose etc. In order to fulfill various needs of the client, the price might be different.

Our Budget is Limited

We offer you a plan with different pricing and schedule, depending on your needs. For example, if you only need to know the contents (not for publishing), we offer a reasonable plan. Please contact us.

We Have Regular (or a Lot of) Translations Needed. Can You Give Us a Discount?

Yes, we offer discounts according to the quantity. Our salespeople ask the details of the conditions, then we have a close meeting together and offer you the plan.

How Long Does it Take to Get the Estimated Cost?

In business hours, we normally need an hour to half a day to estimate. (If your original materials are printed or complicated to check, it is possible that we need more time.) If you are in a hurry, please contact us on the phone so that we can act quickly.

About the Quality

We Are Worried About Confidentiality

There is no need to worry. In its contract with all staff, Brainwoods requires that they strictly observe the confidentiality of privileged information. If requested, we can secure documents with passwords, or sign a non-disclosure agreement. Please let us know if you need this service.

How do You Control the Quality?

We are a translation team with members of translators including in-house translators (Japanese bilingual staff/English native speakers), checkers, and rewriters. We try hard to answer your urgent requests and questions, as well as to deliver translations with the best quality. We also offer you excellent after-sales service and are willing to answer questions and requests after the delivery. For further information, please check here.