Translation Services

Quality Control

Three Levels of Quality Depending on Your Needs

After a close check of your documents and needs, we offer different levels of translation. We have three levels of quality, according to your budget and purpose.

Standard Quality

High quality translation suitable for your purposes.

Quick Quality

Speedy and reasonable! Suitable for checking contents.

Copy Quality

Includes rewriting. Suitable for copying, and for books.

2-stage check of revisions and proofreading

In "Standard Quality", through the double checking process, we find any mistakes or oversights, and make sure that the same expressions are used for the same terms, etc. Also, we brush up the words and expressions to create a sophisticated translation. This quality level always includes a check by a native speaker to make sure the translation is natural. (Quick Quality does not include this double-checking process.)

After-Sales Service — We Support You After the Service Delivery

We provide excellent after-sales service. We welcome comments and questions on our work, even after the delivery. If you think, while you are checking, "Why do they use this word for this?" or "Does this translation really get across the original meaning?" your coordinator is happy to answer you. Please feel free to ask questions to your coordinator about the translation after the delivery. (We apologize that Quick Quality does not include after-sales service.)