The Multilingual Services Provider

A multilingual communication company
bringing people around the world closer together.
A professional partner providing multilingual services that exceed our customers’ expectations.

Translation Services

We handle translation between Japanese, English, and a variety of Asian and European (German, Spanish, French etc.) languages in sales, manufacturing, IT & communications, manuals, finance, legal, contracts, advertising, publishing, cosmetics, medicine, and pharmaceuticals.

Interpretation Services

Our fully-managed consecutive & simultaneous interpretation service aids your international business negotiations, meetings, factory inspections, as well as international conferences, seminars and other business trips between English, European, and Asian languages.

Video Localization Services

We offer professional-grade video subtitling, voiceovers and dubbing suitable for broadcast in film and television, as well as corporate uses such as at trade shows and in sales. Whether English, European or Asian languages, we maintain a faithful translation.