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Brainwoods is a Tokyo-based translation and interpretation company that provides business and technical translation, conference interpretation, video subtitling and dubbing translation, English training for corporations, as well as temporary staffing and referrals for skilled bilingual speakers, translators, and interpreters, as well as multilingual Web development and print design for corporate users. As well as handling English and European languages, such as French, German, Italian and Spanish, and Asian languages, such as Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, we support your business, cross-cultural trade or academic research needs.

About Brainwoods

Brainwoods Translation and Interpretation

Brainwoods was founded in 2000 as a translation company. The company name comes from the idea of bringing together (woods) diverse and creative talents (brain). We have developed services to help our clients solve communication problems in their global business with our three core businesses: translation, interpretation, and video localization. In addition, we also provide specialized foreign language staffing and referrals, english training for corporations, and multilingual Web development and print design. Brainwoods aims to be "a multilingual communication company bringing people around the world closer together" while expanding its translation and interpretation business base.

As a Multilingual Service Provider

Brainwoods is a multi-lingual service provider offering translation services, interpretation services, video localization services, foreign language staffing services, corporate English training and English Web site development services. We are working to contribute to the international community by supporting the companies and organizations that require language services, including translation and interpretation, not only in English, but also in Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian, European languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, and many other rare languages.

Translation Service: aiming to deliver quality that is ready for use immediately

Brainwoods strives to provide corporate users with translation services that are ready to use right after delivery. We have teams of highly specialized translators for IT, medicine and pharmaceutical, finance, advertising, manufacturing and other industries, who carefully translate your document. Our Japanese to English/English to Japanese translation system conforms to the ISO17100 international standard for translation services, and we provide high quality translations through a two-step process of proofreading and checking, as well as native English speakers' checks. You can rely on us for technical and business translations such as manuals, technical documents, contracts, brochures, websites, marketing documents, etc.

Purpose of acquisition and quality control