Business Outline


Translation Services

Business documents, contracts, industrial manuals, catalogs, finance and medical documents, publishing, websites, and more


Proofreading and rewriting by native English speakers of a wide variety of materials, including business documents and academic papers


Interpretation Services

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for international conferences, seminars, and business meetings, as well as escort interpretation

Interpreting Equipment Rental Services

Renting simultaneous interpreting equipment and basic interpreting equipment

Video Localization

Video Localization Services

Subtitling, dubbing, and voice-over translations

Video Production Services (Japanese/English/Other Languages)

Dispatching narrators and voice actors Arranging studio use for audio post-production Recording narrations and dubbed voices Editing captions

Tape and Audio Transcription Services

Transcribing words spoken in a variety of languages Translating spoken word to check content for internal use

Foreign-Language Staffing and Employment Referral

Staffing Services

Dispatching translators, interpreters, bilingual specialists, and bilingual assistants

Brainwoods was granted a license to dispatch workers (License No. 派13-305986), as well as a license to make paid employment referrals (License No. 13-ユ-305836)

Temp-To-Perm Employment Referral Services

Temporary to permanent employment referrals of interpreters and translators

Employment Referral Services

Employment referrals of interpreters and translators

Communication Design

Web site development, maintenance

New site development, multilingualization, mobile display support, SEO, search advertising support

DTP, design

Foreign language pamphlet and catalog production, icon and banner production, foreign-national user surveys

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