Brainwoods Kyoto Branch

For any translation/interpretation projects in Kansai (Western Japan), please contact us!
At Brainwoods Kyoto Branch, we provide fully comprehensive translation and interpretation services. Customers who require translation or interpretation services, or have any concerns about language in the Kansai region (Western Japan) such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Kobe, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, please let us help you.

Our Values

Reasonable fees, Quality services

We provide top-quality services that suit your needs and budget. By proposing solutions having an optimum balance between cost and quality, we seek to achieve client satisfaction by solving your language challenges, be they business or academic research.

Fully Comprehensive Language Services

It is our mission to solve any problems our customers may have by providing a wide variety of services including translation, native speaker checking, interpretation, and video translation. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about language.

Achieving Customers’ Goals

By discussing and confirming details together, we provide the support needed to reach goals or aims beyond translation or interpretation that customers have. In addition, we are continuously working on quality control and constantly striving to improve the services we offer.

Fields and Past Projects

Translation Services

Advertising & Publications
  • Books related to business marketing.
  • Fine arts exhibition documents for distribution.
  • Synopses of collected works in film.
  • Real-estate advertisements.
  • Advertising copy for poster use.
  • Hotel publicity pamphlets.
  • Department store & shopping mall advertising media documents.
Sports & Fitness
  • Fitness & yoga instruction manuals.
  • Training manuals for coaches and instructors.
  • Terms of service for facilities.
  • Terms of services.
  • Materials for muscle training equipment.
  • Books & magazines: Olympics feature
  • Books & magazines: Golf feature
Hotels & Tourism
  • Living information for foreigners living in Japan.
  • User guidance for amusement facilities.
  • Hotel brand books
  • Hotel in-house training materials.
  • Hotel publicity pamphlets & sales materials.
  • Domestic tourist attraction information.
Media & Publications
  • Scientific papers for publication (business, economics, etc.)
  • News stories & magazine articles.
  • Articles for fashion magazine interviews.
  • Cosmetics research development examples for magazine print runs.
  • Cooking recipes.
Apparel & Cosmetics
  • Cosmetics sales websites.
  • Cosmetics company direct mail and leaflets.
  • Apparel & cosmetics marketing reports.
  • Cosmetics company product specification documents.
  • Apparel brand catalogs.
  • Fashion event scripts.
  • Article for a fashion periodical.
  • Various product press releases.
Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Marketing materials for medical supplies.
  • Medical supplies-related catalogs.
  • Leaflets relating to medical equipment.
  • Prescription drug usage stipulations.
  • Dental implant documents.
  • Medical supplies websites.
  • Cardiovascular system theses.
  • Medicine-related application forms.
  • Auto sales system manuals.
  • User manuals for construction machines.
  • Metal technology documents.
  • Machinery press releases.
  • Magnetic shield product catalogs.
  • Cable standards & specifications.
  • Die (metals) and user manuals.
  • Chemical meter inspection reports.
Construction & Real-Estate
  • Construction work schedule charts.
  • Real-estate company information.
  • Plant equipment specifications.
  • Lighting equipment user manuals.
  • Real-estate advertisements.
  • Building materials catalogs.
  • Construction project management documents.
  • Lighting equipment installation & user manuals.
Finance (Banking, Credit, Securities, Insurance)
  • Monthly reports for investors (securities).
  • Agreements on securities products.
  • Defined-contribution pension-related documents.
  • Auto insurance policies information.
  • Bank account application forms.
  • Corporate accounts documents.
  • Stock price estimation documents.
  • Corporate consultation reports.


Medicine & Pharmaceuticals
  • Corporate global strategy meeting.
  • Pharmacological seminar.
  • Medical conference and seminar for medical professionals.
  • Interpretation for medical supplies and approval application.
  • Business negotiation regarding medical supplies.
  • Interpretation for the inspection of rehabilitation facilities.
  • Interpretation for GMP audits.
IT, Communications, Computing
  • Product development & marketing meetings.
  • Management planning, contracts, executive meetings
  • Attendants for business talks & negotiations and sales activities.
  • Press announcements.
  • In-house training.
  • Interpretation for a market survey.
  • Interpretation for an exhibition booth.
Machinery & Auto
  • Interpretation for marketing strategy conference.
  • Interpretation for internal conference calls.
  • Interpretation for business deals.
  • Interpretation for machinery and appliance training.
  • Interpretation for press releases of machinery.
  • Interpretation for domestic and international exhibition booths.
Consulting & Auditing
  • Seminar and conference for customers.
  • In-house training.
  • Interpretation for audits.
  • Interpretation for overseas survey.
  • Training and seminars.
  • Interpretation for on-site quality inspections.
Plants, Construction, Mining, Chemicals
  • Interpretation for corporate management meetings.
  • Interpretation for business negotiations and sales activities.
  • Interpretation for conference calls.
  • Interpretation for factory inspections.
  • Interpretation for domestic & international exhibition booths.
Tourism, Hotels, Amusements
  • Product planning meeting.
  • Global conference calls.
  • Interpretation of a commemoration ceremony speech & attendant interpretation for a buffet dinner.
  • Press announcement.
  • Interpretation for exhibition booths.
Universities, Research Agencies, National Government, Local Government
  • Discussion between governments, international conferences
  • Seminars & Symposiums
  • Forums & Conferences
  • Lectures & Talk shows
  • Surveys & Attendant Inspections
  • Business Negotiations & Presentations
Advertising, PR, Marketing
  • Interpretation at IR meetings.
  • Interpretation at contract negotiations.
  • Product introductions & presentations.
  • Interpretation for overseas market investigations.
  • Attendant interpretation for dinners.
  • Strategy meetings.
Manufacturing, Electronics, Machinery
  • Marketing strategy conference interpretation.
  • Corporate management planning & executive meetings.
  • Interpretation of internal conference calls.
  • Business deals.
  • Machinery and appliance training.
  • Machinery press releases.
  • Interpretation for exhibition booths.

Past Projects

Construction services company

Content Construction diagrams
Translation languages Japanese → English
Location Osaka

Publishing company

Content Free magazine
Translation languages Japanese → English
Location Kyoto

Pharmaceutical company

Content Product packaging
Translation languages Japanese → English
Location Osaka

Design company

Content Business brochure
Translation languages Japanese → English
Location Mie

Sports equipment sales company

Content Various internal documents
Translation languages English → Japanese
Location Osaka

Food & beverage company

Content Product Labels
Translation languages Japanese → English
Location Hyogo

Housing company

Content Housing contract meeting
Interpretation languages Japanese ⇔ English
Purpose of use Consecutive interpretation
Location Kyoto

Trading company

Content Corporate management meetings
Interpretation languages Japanese ⇔ English
Purpose of use Simultaneous interpretation
Location Aichi

Pharmaceutical company

Content Pharmaceutical GMP audit
Interpretation languages Japanese ⇔ Chinese
Purpose of use Consecutive interpretation
Location Hyogo

Motorbike company

Content Corporate management meetings
Interpretation languages Japanese ⇔ English
Purpose of use Consecutive interpretation
Location Osaka

Credit card company

Content Business negotiation with partner company
Interpretation languages Japanese ⇔ Chinese
Purpose of use Consecutive interpretation
Location Fukuoka

Security equipment company

Content New product release event
Interpretation languages Japanese ⇔ English
Purpose of use Whispering interpretation
Location Osaka

This list is a selection of just part of our past projects.

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