Features and Quality

The features and quality of the foreign language services offered by Brainwoods.

What we at Brainwoods value

In order to realize our vision of “a multilingual communication company bringing people around the world closer together”

Since its inception in 2000, Brainwoods has focused on foreign language related business, which is what all of our staff love and feel passionate about, and has been committed to services that achieve customer satisfaction. We also develop and provide services to help our customers solve their foreign language communication problems in order to realize our vision of becoming a multilingual communication company bringing people around the world closer together.

Abundant human resources to realize the vision together

The most important factor in realizing this vision is to build a network of highly skilled language-related human resources. Brainwoods has a network of more than 1,700 translators and interpreters to meet the diverse needs of our clients in their fields of expertise. In addition, our departmental service teams can assist in the translation and localization of websites, printed materials, and video productions.

Multi-faceted foreign language services:
A diverse lineup of services available one-stop

We have also been working to enhance our service lineups so that customers can use the services they need, whenever they need them. Today, we offer multiple services related to languages, including translation and native checking, conference interpretation, video subtitles and dubbing localization, foreign human resources staffing and referral, and english training and multilingual Web site development and print design. A diverse lineup of services available one-stop for our customers is another feature of our company.

Improving work process and training staff:
Quality services to help customers achieve their goals

Most of the clients who use Brainwoods services are corporations, such as companies, schools and research organizations. We have strived for quality services to meet the highly specialized needs and special needs of our corporate clients. In our translation service, for example, our motto is “to provide services that can be used immediately upon delivery”. Our interpretation services are not only about providing interpretation skills, but also about sharing and achieving the customer’s goals and objectives, such as the success of the meeting and the conclusion of business negotiations. In addition, we are working to improve service quality through daily activities such as periodic review of staff training, work processes and production systems, while continuing quality control and technology development.

Valuing your time: Cost-effective communication services

Working speed and cost consciousness are both important factors that our staff put importance on throughout the service we provide to our customers. Our mission is to solve international business and academic research challenges related to languages while providing cost-effective communication services. “What is truly useful service for our customers?” While continuing to ask such questions, Brainwoods will continue to pursue “customer satisfaction” as a foreign language communication partner.

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