Main Customers

Brainwoods supports our clients' business and academic research by providing a variety of foreign language communication services. Our translation services cover a wide range of fields and applications, from web and public relations media, manuals and contracts to academic and technical documents of high expertise. Our interpretation services include simultaneous interpretation for international conferences that require extensive knowledge and expertise, as well as escort interpretation for factory inspections and other occasions. We dispatch interpreters to meet a wide range of needs. Our video localization service provides one-stop solutions from subtitle translation to dubbing for foreign dramas and documentaries, training and educational videos, exhibitions and sales promotion videos, etc. Brainwoods' foreign language communication services are appreciated by a number of corporate clients because of its reputation.

Clients served per year
Inquiries handled per year
Over 3,200
(As of July 2019)
  • IT, Communications and Computers
  • Apparel and Cosmetics
  • Medicine and Pharmaceutical
  • Finance, Securities and Insurance
  • Consulting and Staffing
  • Advertising, PR and Marketing
  • Amusement, Gaming, Entertainment and Theater
  • Publishing, Editing, Design, Printing, Web Creation
  • Food, Beverage and Restaurant
  • Sports and Fitness
  • Manufacturing, Electrical, Semiconductor and Machinery
  • Universities and Research Institutes
  • Broadcasting and Video
  • Plant, Construction, Mining and Chemicals
  • Logistics and Trade
  • Travel and Hotels
  • Administration, Government Offices Overseas, etc.
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