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The Food Wagons of Jingumae

It’s been a while since our last posting in English, where we continued our introduction to our favorite lunch spots in Jingumae. Today we’d like to continue the theme and introduce you to the food wagons of Jingumae. Since moving into our expanded Annex office, many of us have noticed something: every day through lunch, a food wagon sits on the parking space of the building opposite, and every week the same food wagon is there. Food trucks — or carts — are a common site throughout the United States and Europe. They usually offer fast food at a decent price, and especially in winter, they make for a hearty and warm meal. We’ve seen Chinese cuisine, grilled chicken, Bento boxes, Yaki-Soba and tacos. Our favorites (and the most popular, sometimes with as many as fifteen people queueing!) are chicken and tacos. Prices are usually around ¥600, but with all the toppings and customisation available, you could be spending ¥1,000, which is about average for Omotesando. Due to the calories, we can’t recommend eating every day, but they make for a good change every now and again. Many of these trucks are in different locations throughout Tokyo ever day. Perhaps there’s one in your area? Brainwoods offers language services, including translation, interpretation and video localization, to various industries, including translation for the food & drink industries as well as translation for service industries. (Links in Japanese.)